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2021 Rates


Coaches whom do this for a living. Generally our Pro coaches have been coaching goaltenders for a minimum of 10 years( closer to 15 with the founder going on 25 years). Some with Pro experience, others with good stories as to why they didn't make it.

Drop-in Sessions - 85$

Seasonal - 80$

Same Time Same Place  - 77.50$


Coaches with 5-10 years experience, often having been coached by the founder of BGG. They generally have a multi disciplinary approach, either thru coaching minor hockey, off-ice trainers or even having played a majority of their youth as players.  

Drop-in Sessions - 65$

Seasonal - 60$

Same Time Same Place  - 57.50$


Coaches whose experience ranges from 1-5 years but whom were all trained by BGG Pro Coaches growing up. I can't tell you how many times a supervising Pro coach goes in to correct and the Junior coach tells them they just said that very same correction. Now that's consistency!

Drop-in Sessions with Junior Coaches - 45$

Same Time Same Place  - 39$


You may choose from any of the coaching sessions listed above. Generally, Senior/Junior coaches are more then sufficient for Adult goaltenders.

Pro Coach - 85$

Senior Coach - 65$

Junior Coach - 45$

The same packages listed above are available (seasonal and Same Time, Same Place)

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No Commitment,  Book in advance or the day of. Book as many or as few sessions as desired.

Cancelation fees with less then 48 hours notice. Max 10 cancelations per calendar year.

10 Sessions - 
Book Anytime

Same Flexibility as Drop-Ins but with a discounted rate as a thank you to buying 10 sessions.

allowed to re-schedule 3 weeks maximum. Minimum 48hrs notice required. 6 months to use package.

10 Sessions - 

An added discount as a thank you to selecting the 10 sessions which you will attend at the time of purchase.

allowed to re-schedule 3 weeks maximum. A weeks notice must be given. 6 months to use package.

10 Sessions -
​Same Time, Same Place

Best Value as a thank you to your commitment to coming to the same weekly session every week.

allowed to re-schedule 3 weeks maximum. Re-scheduling must occur in the same week. A weeks notice must be given.