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Generally a beginner goaltender is 6 to 9 years old. This section would be for pre-novice, novice C/B, atom C/B, Peewee C and any goalies new to the sport.

Beginner Goalie Drills

Regardless of the age of the goaltender, these are "basic" fundamental drills. While I strongly recommend continued work on basic skating, you can start to do some goalie specific work.

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Drills for at home

Get a leg up on the competition by working on these drills from the "comfort" of your home. Be sure to do so in a fun, passionate environment to build a life long love for the sport.

"Freshman" Goaltenders

Novice A, Atom A/BB, Pewee A, Bantam B

Freshman Goalie Drills

Drills for at home

"Sophomore" Goaltenders 

Atm AA, Peewee BB, Bantam A

Sophomore Goalie Drills

Drills for at home

Intermediate Goaltenders

Peewee AA/Minor/school team, Bantam BB, Bantam II School hockey, Midget A

Intermediate Goalie Drills

Drills for at home

Incredible Design

Peewee Major, Bantam AA, Bantam Div I school, Bantam Minor, 

Advanced "Junior" Drills

Endless Security Service

Incredible Design

Bantam Major, Espoir, Midget AA, Juvinile Div I, 

Advanced "Senior" Drills

Drills for at home


Midget AAA, Prep School, Junior A

Elite Drills

High Performance

University, Semi-Pro, Pro

High Performance Drills

Beginner Drills

4 Full Gear Drills to be done at home!

Here are a few great drills for kids aged 6-11. I included a mix of more fun athletic drills with a couple of technical ones. Be sure to vary your intensity based on your child's ability. Note these drills can be done with balls or pucks, Full, half or even ball hockey gear. One of the drills could use a lot of space on a road, but not necessarily.